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At present, the scope of robot application has been widen by the related technological breakthrough. It has covered the national defense, aerospace, industrial production, service, medical rehabilitation, education and even ordinary family life. A new climax and development opportunity about robot technology research has arrived. After the first generation of robot teaching stage and the second generation of perception stage, robot technology has developed into the present stage of intelligence, and it will eventually develop to a  robot with certain social functions, such as an intelligent robot with emotional and social ability. This will profoundly change the production and lifestyle of human society, and bring the profound innovation and change to the society.

And at this stage, the development of robot technology relies heavily on cognitive technology, which is the robot understanding of human facial expressions, movements and brain wave signals(mind-reading). And it depends on the further development of related infrastructure technologies, including machine vision, machine auditory , tactile sensing , signal processing technique and intelligent computing technology. Companion with intelligent robot and intelligent system is widely applied in many aspects of social life ,greatly expanding the application range of the intelligent robot. On the other hand, the theory development of intelligent systems has laid a solid basis for future development of intelligent robots.

In order to promote the basic theory research of intelligent robot and intelligent system , original innovation achievements and high-tech development, to improve the level of intelligent robot research and the ability of practical application and promote their depth application and industrial transformation and upgrading in intelligent manufacturing, intellectual life, intelligent industry and the defense and security field, to provide a high level of academic exchange platform for experts and scholars around the world in this field, the 2020 International Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Systems will be sponsored and supported by the Hunan Institue of Engineering,Hainan Tropical Ocean Uniersity,Shenzhen Research Institute of Central South University , it will be held on the Nov.7-8, 2020.