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About ICRIS 2020

In the 21st century, with the accelerating process of economic globalization, artificial intelligence has ushered in a period of rapid development. In this period, various conditions suitable for the development of artificial intelligence have been mature. In recent years, major investment institutions have begun to look for dark horse, hoping to seize the air outlet of artificial intelligence, and various funds are constantly pouring into this field. At the same time, the world’s major technology companies are in the layout of artificial intelligence, frequent acquisition of related enterprises, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Tencent, Baidu, etc. Obviously, artificial intelligence is becoming a new engine to drive economic development and a new way to innovate social governance.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, all kinds of intelligent systems are also in the stage of vigorous development. At present, a variety of intelligent systems combined with artificial intelligence technology and high-tech have been favored in various fields, such as expert system, neural network system, fuzzy logic system. These intelligent systems are deeply integrated with many fields, such as medical field, military field, business field, education field, etc., which not only promotes the application and development of intelligent system, but also realizes the reform and innovation of different fields and industries.

In recent years, robot has become a research focus of experts and researchers, especially in modeling, interaction, collaboration and optimization. Specifically, in the aspect of robot modeling, the physical human-computer interaction model, the human-computer hybrid model for different human-computer coupling degree description are established, and the system modeling theory and method for different human-computer collaborative tasks are proposed. In the aspect of robot interaction, the perceptual interaction level of robot is strengthened to improve the understanding ability and response speed of robot. In the aspect of robot cooperation, the intelligent system of robot is improved according to different task scenarios. In the aspect of robot optimization, the robot system algorithm is constantly optimized and improved to meet the needs of the current society.

In order to speed up the in-depth research and exploration of robot intelligent system, for the major researchers to have full academic exchanges on the research topics of robot intelligent system, and to promote the application and development of robot intelligent system in more fields, Xijing University, Hunan Institute of Engineering and Huaiyin Institute of Technology will hold ICRIS conference, which will be held in Guilin, Guangxi from Nov. 14 to 16, 2020.

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